Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sometime we just don’t know when or where our life changes. It’s like a magic, with a blink of eyes, it’s not the same anymore. I called my best friend, Renny. She said I’m so positive. That’s not like who I used to be. I look the world differently.

But here I am, know that my life would get better. I’m still weak and cried and die, but I just give it time as much as before. This is the way I choose to survive.

as strong as you were, tender you go. i&8217;m watching you breathing for the last time. a song for your heart, but when it is quiet, i know what it means and i&8217;ll carry you home. i&8217;ll carry you home. (via traumlichtfabrik )
from VisualizeUs 
There’s a lot things to do, mess that doesn’t make up yet.


  1. life must be, is a change. the change is likely to perform and do anything to solving all of problems.
    face all of such things with flat-out, although with tears, heartbreak and so on, it should be, the life must go on with all our respect!

  2. sometimes, we have to lose something precious in our lives for us better. Stay Positive & The spirit carries on...

  3. heiheiehii..yg belum make up...

    #mess doesn't make up yet..

  4. Yes... yes... yes...
    Hehehe.... aku bingung mau komen apa, aku komen ke postingan lain yah :)

  5. rahasia kehidupan sedemikian besar..kita hanya bisa berusaha dan berdoa...selebihnya berserah diri kepada TUHAN :)

  6. glad to read it...
    so welcome the positively annesya! :)


  7. always think positive about life. There are two sides should always be considered

  8. always think positive about life. There are two sides should always be considered

  9. there's always happiness after sadness. just be positive!

  10. Aku teka maning Mba Annesya :).

    Oh... iya, aku mau tnya soal komen Mba yg ada di postingan "Cinta menurut anak kecil" diblogku.

    Komen Mba kan kaya gini "ini kok ga dikasih sumbernya darimana? chicken soup?".

    Itu mksudnya apa ya? Klo untuk sumbernya, aku dpt dri kaskus dan udah aku cantumkan link'nya dibawah sendiri.

    Tolong dijwb ya Mba Annesya yg cantik :). Supaya aku gk kepikiran terus.

  11. haduh haduh, nyari kamus dulu..
    kamusku mana ya?
    *kebingungan mondar mandir


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